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Be inspired by real-life stories and poems about transformational living that touch your heart and spread healing to your body, mind and spirit. If you are interested in sharing your story or poem on your transformational experience, write to the editor of Transformational Living magazine.

Learning to Love the Me Jesus Sees

From the beginning of time man has pondered just who he is and what his purpose in life was to be. In that, I’m no different than anyone else. Unfortunately, bitter influences, name changes, negative comments and opinions swayed my identity and self-esteem most of my life. When I was little my life took an [...]

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INSPIRATIONAL :What Health Means to Me

When the Health and Wellness bible study class first started, everyone took turns introducing themselves – what they did for a living or in their ministry, what their thoughts were about food and the body. After listening to these introductions, I realized that, in terms of my own thinking and knowledge, I was very far [...]

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INSPIRATION: An Excerpt from Left to Tell: Discovering God in the Rwandan Holocaust

Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust, a New York Bestseller by Immaculee Ilibagiza, is about the 1991 Rwandan genocide that left over 1 million people brutally murdered in a matter of three months. Immaculee lost every single member of her family, save for an out-of-country brother. She survived by hiding in a 3' x 4' [...]

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I Need to Do Something

An Answer to Prayer?  That was my first thought -- “I need to do something to get this weight off.” The second thought was, “How?” So, with gastric bypass surgeries becoming the weight removal plan of choice, I made the decision to look into that route. Gearing myself up to take the plunge, I contacted [...]

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A Gift from God

It had been a difficult three years. The Lord had blessed us with a home in the country twelve years previously, but the rental property had deteriorated over the years and we needed to move to a safer environment. A new grandbaby was on the way and although we could get by with the deteriorating [...]

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Back to Basics

How did I get here?...29 years old and planning my mother’s funeral!  This has GOT to be unreal!  Yet here I was, scavenging through mounds of pictures trying to summarize her life in the form of a program and an obituary.  Cousin Tara’s graduation…Uncle Paul’s 50th birthday celebration…My niece Laila’s first day of school…Suddenly it [...]

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A tick, A Tragedy, A Miracle

I'm fifty-nine and living in a tiny cottage I designed and built myself in the midst of densely forested woods. My property borders thousands of acres of protected land in central Florida. As the pastel shades of dusk soothe a hot summer's day in June of 2002, I bathe myself in my outdoor shower. Can [...]

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Smoke Free and Singing His Praises

I was a twenty-three year old truck-stop waitress and had been smoking for ten years. Newly married with a baby at home, it was time for me to get a job, and I was thrust into a world where most of my customers as well as the wait staff smoked. We’d take our orders, put [...]

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