21 Things for a Christian to Do While Fasting

Now that the holidays are over and the feasting has added several inches to the waistline, it'’s time to tune up both physically and spiritually. Thoroughly convinced that we need to push back from the table, we seek to expend more time and energy developing other aspects of our being —giving the mouth and digestive [...]

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A Meatless Fast for All of Us

I used to think of fasting as strictly going without food of any kind for a period of time, hopefully as short as possible, and usually permitting drinks as needed.  Even then, one day was all I could handle, and I only attempted the experiment a few times while at Bible college. Ironically, it’s still [...]

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A Path to Wellness

The numbers 87 and 160 have impacted my life in a very significant way. These numbers represent the two extremes of my body weight over the last four years. Currently, while managing the responsibilities of a husband, children, and Chrons’ disease, I weigh about 135 pounds. The struggle with my weight and health over the [...]

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When Worlds Collide: God and the Planets

When Worlds Collide: God and the Planets God finely tuned many factors to make Earth a habitable planet for advanced life (Isaiah 45:18). One of those factors is the relatively large Moon which stabilizes our planet’s spin axis. Earth would literally flip over without the Moon and would be uninhabitable for advanced life due to [...]

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The Physical Benefits of a Fast

The Physical Benefits of a Fast The physical benefits of fasting are phenomenal in transforming our life and health. Fasting is an opportunity for believers to be disciplined in making room for God in mind, body and spirit. It allows us to remove things that are toxic from our lives and experience healing, natural nourishment, [...]

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3 Types of Fast

There are many different types of fast. Most fasts will fall under three main categories: absolute, normal and partial. Absolute No food or water is taken. This fast should only be undertaken with medical consultation and supervision. Normal Only liquids are drunk, especially water.  This fast has also been known as a water or liquid [...]

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Examples of Biblical Fasting

Absolute or Full Fast In the Old Testament, it was during a forty day fast when Moses was given the Ten Commandments (Exodus 34: 27-28).  When Esther heard about Haman’s plans to destroy the Jews, she asked all the Jews in her city to join her on a three day fast without food and water [...]

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