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Sleep Apnea: A Silent Killer

Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA) is a complex medical disease that has reached epidemic status in the USA. It was estimated in 2005 that between 12-18 Million Americans suffer from this disease. Forty percent are not obese, 36% with Type 2 Diabetes have undiagnosed OSA, 63% of these patients with OSA will progress to high blood pressure, congestive heart [...]

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Your Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a basic human need, as important for good health as diet and exercise.It allows our bodies to rest and prepares us for the day ahead.Most people need 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to function well the next day.However, according to the National Sleep Foundation, most of us get much less. [...]

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6 Ideas for Turning Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

If the body--The Temple, is sacred, then it needs a sanctuary ~Etta Dale. Christians have now become so familiar with the analogy of the body being compared to the temple that this allusion seems to have lost its impact. But if the body truly is the “temple” in which the Holy Spirit of God lives, [...]

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The Healing Properties of Cassava

A native of the West Indies, the cassava/yucca root is unique with many uses. Did you know that tapioca is made from the cassava root? Yes, the source of that creamy pearl white pudding is a brown tubular root that looks and tastes similar to a russet potato. Some are sweet even when eaten raw, [...]

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Sleep to Lose Weight

Our bodies need sleep. In fact, 6-9 hours of consistent nightly sleep is required for our bodies to function properly. When we lose sleep, we tend to only consider the outward manifestations of the loss and even play them down. Dark circles appear around our eyes. Make-up can easily cover those circles.  Or our eyes may [...]

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Lavender Oil

When it comes to rest and aromatherapy, lavender is often the first essential oil that comes to mind. It is one of the most popular flowering plants grown in herb gardens due to its pleasing fragrance and abundant healing properties. The beneficial effects  of plant aromas, including those of lavender, have been known and used for [...]

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