De-Cluttering Your Life

///De-Cluttering Your Life

Go! Missions Africa

 Be spiritually, physically, mentally and financially fit for the mission field"  ~Apostle Ollie Alexander I have traveled abroad to Africa for over nine years.  My first missions trip was to Accra and Kumasi, Ghana West Africa in 2000.  The capital city of Ghana is Accra.  I ministered at several churches, orphanages and villages.  This was [...]

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Lemon Recipes

Enjoy this refreshing lemon salad with a zesty lemon vinaigrette dressing.    Summer Lemon Salad 1 whole Lemon (segmented)1 cup Red Grapes1 ½ cup Fresh Sugar Snap Peas½ cup Almonds (sliced) ½ tsp. Kosher Salt¼ cup Ground Black Pepper Servings: 2 In a mixing bowl, toss the above ingredients together. Enjoy this salad with grilled fish, chicken, [...]

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B.I.O – By Invitation Only

What are the dangers of being preoccupied with clutter? Can you discern the voice of the Holy Spirit? The third person in the Trinity, He was active in the creation of the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:2). He is also present to lead and guide us if we ask. Thus you and I should [...]

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Detox: Restore your Health with God designed Fuel

In the last issue of LiveLiving Magazine, I wrote about the importance of putting God-designed fuel into your body.  Now, I believe it’s imperative for you to discover how to cleanse or “detox” harmful substances out of your body. God designed many exiting pathways to eliminate toxins from your body such as your lungs, liver, [...]

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Singleness of Heart and Action

“I will give them singleness of heart and action...” Jeremiah 32:39a My husband (the finance major) has taught me (the girl who had to take special math class in college because I did poorly on the placement test) many things about how to think about money. I think very simply, and very much “in the [...]

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7 Exercises to get Fit and De-Clutter

As the weather changes  so does our exercise routine - from the number of times we workout to the types of exercise we do. Spring cleaning provides a wonderful opportunity to work out and train many muscles while we chase away dust mites! What better way to get your “spring cleaning” accomplished and get your [...]

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Healing Power of Lemon

  There are many techniques used today in the never ending pursuit of detoxification. Some people use herbal laxatives, shakes, and even borderline starvation to rid the body of unwanted toxins. I personally believe that it’s best to use food to detox and balance the body. For years, I have used the almighty lemon to [...]

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De-Cluttering: In Nature and Us

  In Nature Ever notice how all the plants turn brown in the fall and disappear during winter?  How the annual plants disappear completely; while the perennials only die back to their root-stocks?  I’ve come to realize that Nature/God is “cleaning house” or de-cluttering the natural habitats of old, worn out growth to make room [...]

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How to Keep your Eyes Healthy

  Good vision is an essential part of one’s day to day existence.  We often take for granted how well our eyes work but we must take steps to maintain healthy vision. Everyone, from infants to adults, should have an eye exam to assess the health and vision of their eyes.  The American Optometric Association (AOA) [...]

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