Silence and Solitude: Christmas

///Silence and Solitude: Christmas

Burn your Holiday Calories with These Exercises

These exercises are designed to burn calories and rev up your metabolism.  Perform each exercise for 20 seconds. It is important that you do not stop in between the exercises until you have completed a FULL circuit or all of the exercises. The exercises are to be performed in the following order: 1. Jumping Jacks 2. [...]

The Physical, Mental & Spiritual Connection of Silence and Solitude

"There come times when I have nothing more to tell God.…  At such times it is wonderful to say to God, 'May I be in Thy presence, Lord? I have nothing more to say to Thee, but I do love to be in Thy presence.'" ~Ole Kristian O. Hallesby It amazes me to watch my [...]

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Brown Rice Pudding

Here is a tasty holiday dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth, add fiber to your diet and keep your insulin levels balanced with cinnamon.  Enjoy, but do not overdo it. CINNAMON BROWN RICE PUDDING Serves 8-10 2-cups basic organic brown rice cooked in coconut milk until tender 3 eggs (pastured and/or organic) 1 ½ [...]

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Healing Properties of Cinnamon

The holiday season is fast approaching.  Soon there will be the sweet aroma of baked pies, cookies and other pastries filling the air at home and at work.  Everyone knows that during the holiday season it is hard to deny the desire for desserts filled with butter, sugar and cinnamon. I love the fall and [...]

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Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the reign of King Herod. About that time some wise men from eastern lands arrived in Jerusalem, asking, 2“Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star as it rose, and we have come to worship him.”  Matthew 2: 1-2 During the busy Christmas [...]

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9 Cures for Holiday Loneliness

On an early October morning, I found myself tossing and turning. Although I was physically tired, I could not manage to sleep more than one hour at a time.Finally, I sat up in the bed and asked myself, “Why are you so uneasy?” I did have a long, exhausting day at work.From briefings on the [...]

5 Ways to Find Silence and Solitude

Most of us know that we can find spiritual refreshment  through spending time in silence and solitude.  Yet  the reality of most of our lives is that of increasing busyness, increasing noise, and so much electronic engagement that we rarely honor our need for solitude.  A few strategies I have found helpful include: Have a [...]