Silence and Solitude: Thanksgiving

///Silence and Solitude: Thanksgiving

Controlling Your Sweet Tooth During the Holiday Season

You may be wondering how you can maintain your healthy eating plan and still enjoy all those rich and sweet desserts offered throughout the holiday season.  Many people think they gain more than five pounds from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day. Research suggests, however, that most people gain less than one pound during the [...]

9 Cures for Holiday Loneliness

On an early October morning, I found myself tossing and turning. Although I was physically tired, I could not manage to sleep more than one hour at a time.Finally, I sat up in the bed and asked myself, “Why are you so uneasy?” I did have a long, exhausting day at work.From briefings on the [...]

Solitude Another Balancing Act

The human spirit seems to crave the touch, sight, sound, and smell of the many natural, beautiful things around us. Often, as we tire of the hustle and bustle of our human world, we look forward to the quiet and solitude of the natural world; away from the buildings, noise, and people.  A sense of [...]

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Mars Rock

This past summer, I was blessed to have an internship in association with NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Near the end of my 10 week internship, my group and I participated in an in-depth tour of NASA’s meteorite curation facility. This pristine laboratory contains tens of thousands of meteorites collected from around [...]

Treating Diabetes with Diet and Exercise

Diabetes is a health condition where the body is unable to produce enough insulin and properly break down glucose (sugar) in the food. Glucose is produced in the liver and the cells of the body need it for energy. Glucose comes from food when we eat, food is digested and the carbohydrates are broken down [...]

The Need for Solitude: Time Away from Me

      Solitude is a time when I can get away from all things, including myself. When I separate from myself, I can truly be accessible to Him.  It is a time when I truly decrease and allow God to increase.  He embraces me and engulfs me with all that He is, without me considering my [...]

In the Silence I Found Him

Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10). From the time I was young I enjoyed quiet time write, think, pray, dream, read, etc. I valued time to myself but lacked the understanding of true solitude. However, in 2001 I would be introduced to the wonders of silence and in that space [...]

Silence Spoken Here:The Dining Room a Sacred Space

  I spent a day and half in total rebellion.  “What do you mean I can’t talk while eating,” I asked my friend as she pointed to the sign that said silence spoken here.  We had taken a retreat to the monastery only for me to find out that I had some habits to be [...]

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8 Tips for Keeping your Holiday Food in Check

Don'’t even think about going to that family holiday dinner without knowing in advance what you are going to eat and how much.  In other words, do not go anywhere this holiday season without planning.  We all look forward to the holidays when our family and friends make all those wonderful dishes that we do [...]