The Joy of the Sabbath

Sabbath (Shabbat as it is called in Hebrew) is one of the healthiest, joyful and family friendly celebrations we can partake in.  Sadly, in the last 60 years, it is also the most neglected by believers in many denominations.  Just looking at old TV reruns we can see how much our attitude of Sabbath has [...]

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Vitamin B: The De-Stressor

According to Scofield, the author of Work Site Promotion, current statistics show that between 70% and 80% of all visits to physicians are for stress-related disorders. Chronic stress directly affects the immune system and seriously compromises health.  Stress promotes the formation of free radicals and can be defined as a reaction to any stimulus that [...]

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A Walk in the Garden

The State of Stress  Many believe these times are the most stressful in history.  Each of my clients is required to fill out a questionnaire prior to our first session. One of the most interesting questions I ask is, “Do you frequently experience stress?” At least 97% of my clients answer, “YES!” When I ask [...]

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The Sun: A Sabbath Walk in the Sunshine

The days of creation mentioned in Genesis 1 and 2 deal with God’s purposeful, creative acts, but what about Day 7? What did God create on the 7th day? Scripture tells us he rested, yet he was still exercising his creative power—by resting he created the very concept of rest, or Sabbath. Most Christians officially [...]

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Eat Spinach to Prevent Oxidative Stress

Popeye the Sailor Man had it right. Eating your spinach can help strengthen your body and defend against hard hitting nemeses like oxidative stress caused by free radicals.  Spinach is the queen of the dark green leafy vegetables and carries a huge arsenal of antioxidants that will build a strong immune system and balance unstable [...]

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