Couch Potato Commercial Work Out

September is Cholesterol awareness month. Most of the time we are walk around with high cholesterol and may not even know it.  As a child when I was in the sixth grade I was diagnosed with high cholesterol having levels well above 400. That is something an 11 year old should not think about and [...]

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Simplicity: Living from the Divine Center

Simplicity in our lives means establishing God as our divine center.  This is the opposite of what we see today rampant in society, where we put ourselves (the self) in the center of our lives.  I remember when participating in Prison Ministry, we had a tract called the “4 Spiritual Laws” (Campus Crusade for Christ”).  [...]

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Reversing High Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is a steroid necessary for the maintenance of the body’s cells. Cholesterol also plays a role in the manufacture of female and male hormones.  “The fact is that cholesterol, unless it is oxidized, is a valuable nutrient that the body has to manufacture everyday in order to help build the membrane of new cells [...]

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5 Ways to Simplify your Life

Technology has revolutionized our lives and made possible things that seemed like Science Fiction fifty years ago. Just think about it. People are carrying around powerful computers small enough to fit in their pockets; and they are able to instantly connect to billions of other computers all over the world through the Internet. At the [...]

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Voyager Leaving the Solar System

In 1609, Galileo opened the world’s eyes to a whole new vista of the intricate beauty of the cosmos through the telescope. Prior to this, we had assumed that the 5 naked-eye visible planets—Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn—along with the Earth, all enclosed within a thin glass shell enveloping us in a layer of [...]

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Empowering South Africa

My husband and I, personally understand the diversity of needs through our yearly mission trips to South Africa over the past twelve years.  We have witnessed first-hand the spread of AIDS/HIV, lack of clean water, hunger and increased unemployment. In 2007, Life Connection Ministries (LCM), a nonprofit organization developed by my husband and I to [...]

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Cholesterol: What You Need to Know

Cholesterol is a type of fat that circulates in your blood. All cholesterol is not “bad.” Cholesterol is essential and is involved in maintaining cell membranes, manufacturing Vitamin D on the surface of the skin, producing hormones and possibly helping cell connections in the brain. About 70% of cholesterol is made in the liver and [...]

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Back to Basics

How did I get here?...29 years old and planning my mother’s funeral!  This has GOT to be unreal!  Yet here I was, scavenging through mounds of pictures trying to summarize her life in the form of a program and an obituary.  Cousin Tara’s graduation…Uncle Paul’s 50th birthday celebration…My niece Laila’s first day of school…Suddenly it [...]

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