The Light: Christmas

///The Light: Christmas

God’s Light for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

Light – “Or” in Hebrew represents the presence of G-d.  It represents His Sh'kenah Glory (The visible presence of G-d).  Our Messiah is the Sh'kenah of G-d, His visible presence given to the world to show us the way to live and the way to Him.  Just as humans need sunlight for physical and mental [...]

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Why Hanukkah is Important

Hanukkah is one of the most misunderstood of all Holy Days.  For believers, it is often ignored as being “a Jewish feast” or not of G-d.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  As I explained in the Light article: "Light" -- Or in Hebrew -- represents the presence of G-d.  It represents His Sh'kenah [...]

4 Trainers’ Tips on Keeping off the Holiday Pounds

ATHLETIC AND FUNCTIONAL TRAINING, WEIGHT LOSS Name: Paul T. Mitchell III Qualification: B.S., NSCA C.S.C.S. *D, NASM PES Business: Playmaker Strength Conditioning, LLC, Team Beachbody Coach Websites: Email: TIP: Start NOW! The holidays are meant to be enjoyed. Family, friends, food, music, and and spirituality are all part of what makes this [...]

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Vitamin D: The Sunshine Pill

During the winter, the hours of sunlight decrease. That means fewer opportunities to receive vitamin D, because most people meet some of their vitamin D needs through exposure to sunlight that is scarce in the winter months. Vitamin D synthesis through exposure to the skin is certainly affected by season, but it is also affected [...]

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I Need to Do Something

An Answer to Prayer?  That was my first thought -- “I need to do something to get this weight off.” The second thought was, “How?” So, with gastric bypass surgeries becoming the weight removal plan of choice, I made the decision to look into that route. Gearing myself up to take the plunge, I contacted [...]

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Persimmons: Japanese Fruits for the Holidays?

Now that fall is upon us and winter is right around the corner, summer fruits like peaches, cherries, watermelon, and mangoes will all but disappear from the fruit stands and grocery stores. During the fall and winter months, a variety of powerhouse fruits will take their rightful place in the produce department of grocery stores [...]

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What was the Star of Bethlehem?

For many decades, planetariums around the world have presented holiday programs centering on the astronomical possibilities for explaining the mysterious Star of Bethlehem, which Matthew describes enigmatically in his gospel.  Eastern University has given a program on this topic each year since 1972, and the following is a very brief summary of the ideas and [...]

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