The Light: Thanksgiving

///The Light: Thanksgiving

Mars and the God we Still Trust

You may have heard of the August landing on Mars of NASA’s rover named Curiosity. The rover will look for signs that Mars may once have been habitable by Martian germs. In the rover’s incredible lineup of instruments, it boasts 17 cameras in different positions on the rover. Of those cameras, there is one that [...]

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A Healthy Alternative: Coconut Oil + Essential Oils

Coconut oil is a medium-chain saturated fat. Unlike long-chain saturated fats, this is a very healthy type of fat, for both eating and applying topically. It is almost always free from pesticides, chemicals or any other contaminants and has been used for decades in soaps, shampoos, creams, and other body-care products. Coconut oil is very [...]

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A Gift from God

It had been a difficult three years. The Lord had blessed us with a home in the country twelve years previously, but the rental property had deteriorated over the years and we needed to move to a safer environment. A new grandbaby was on the way and although we could get by with the deteriorating [...]

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Romania: Reawakened Love

Cluj, a county of Romania, reawakened in me a love for mission's work. I knew this love had gotten sidetracked with life. But after taking this trip, the mission's fire burned inside of me again. As a part of a team from World Harvest Church(WHC) in Roswell, Georgia, I had an opportunity to see God move through the Romanian people [...]

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3 Ways to Avoid Holiday Pounds

This year, let'’s avoid the Seasonal Seven (average number of pounds people gain between Thanksgiving and the New Year) by planning ahead!  Use these strategies to participate in the festivities without gaining weight! Don'’t wait until the New Year to work on your fitness goals! The most important component to your holiday weight gain prevention [...]

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10 Tips for Healthy Glowing Skin in the Winter

Leaves are falling. Everything is getting ready for winter in its own natural way, but how easy is that going to be for our skin?   Let’'s help our skin to be as healthy as possible and reflect the look of health and wellness for the fall and winter! Many women and men visit a [...]

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Ideas for Cooking Holiday Meals from a Fitness Expert

Appropriate planning will not only save you from adding extra pounds this holiday season, but also help your budget. Many healthy versions of holiday favorites have fewer ingredients compared to their higher fat and more ingredient counterparts. Holidays scream social activities! I’m sure your friends will also thank you for bring delicious items to their [...]

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Light and Life

The Physical Picture: Life is often such a fragile thing.  Many living things struggle to hold onto it despite physical, psychological and spiritual threats and eventually death.  Most biological life as we know it is directly or indirectly dependent on light for survival.  Green plants and creatures dependent on those green things (including people) realize [...]

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