Interview with Kara Davis, M.D., on Spiritual Secrets of a Healthy Heart

Is it possible to be physically fit and to have a well balanced diet yet still be prone to cardiovascular diseases? Is a believer considered weak because he or she accepts medication? Is every affliction divinely healed? Is the church becoming too "feeling oriented"? Is the church properly addressing mental illnesses, such as depression? Listen [...]

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Who Are We that You Are Mindful of Us?

Most of the observable universe is made of hydrogen. Stars like our Sun are fueled through the fusion of this hydrogen into heavier elements like helium and carbon. Huge amounts of energy are released during the fusion process, and we feel and see some of this energy as light here on Earth. Stars that are [...]

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Anger: A Misunderstood Concept

Anger is a very misunderstood concept in the believing community. Just last week Christianity Today and some supporting publications talked about “Trusting the G-d of Genocide” and reconciling the G-d of the Old and New Testaments.  This separating G-d into “testaments” and implying G-d somehow changed honestly got me angry.  So was my anger wrong?  [...]

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Why, God, are You Angry with Me?

Anxiety!  Have you ever had an anxiety attack?  I had never had an anxiety attack until the ordinary day that turned my life inside out.  I was on my lunch break, and my husband and I were on our way to my 10-week OB/GYN appointment.  I went into the checkup with a positive pregnancy test [...]

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Biblical Foundation of Kosher : An Act of Love and Devotion- Part 3

To recap, we began this series on Kosher introducing and discussing Kosher as a healthy alternative. In part 1 of our series on Kosher, we then looked at  what foods are considered Kosher, when to eat them, and what is used to prepare the kosher products.  In part 2, we examined how kosher items are [...]

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Is Anger Controlling Your Life?

The car seemed to come out of nowhere.  Just as suddenly the driver abruptly pulls in front of your car forcing you to hit the brakes to avoid hitting him.  Adrenalin rushes through your veins and you feel the rage welling up in every part of your body.  As the other driver pulls off the [...]

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Utilizing Tempo and Breath in Exercising

So, you’ve been exercising consistently for the past few months. You used to get sore and your workout used to be such a struggle. It’s great that those things are not happening anymore because that means you have progressed and become stronger! But, to continue to get results in the gym you need to apply [...]

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