21 Things for a Christian to Do While Fasting

Now that the holidays are over and the feasting has added several inches to the waistline, it'’s time to tune up both physically and spiritually. Thoroughly convinced that we need to push back from the table, we seek to expend more time and energy developing other aspects of our being —giving the mouth and digestive [...]

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Fasting: The Physical Means of Attaining Spirituality (Encore)

It’s about four o’clock in the morning and the house is peaceful. The kids are asleep. I can hear the central heating humming rhythmically in the back ground; besides my laptop, the only other thing I hear in the house is my son rustling in his bed. This is a good moment for me. My [...]

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De-Junking Your Life: An Interview with Kevin Willis

Kevin Willis spent over 21 years in the NBA as a power forward/center. During that time, this Christian athlete played on several different teams. The longest spurt was with the Atlanta Hawks, whom he played with from 1984-94 and 2004-2005. I had the privilege of talking to him about priorities and ways we can all [...]

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Make the Journey Matter

Life is a journey. It is up to us to make our own journey matter. Read the story by Monette Massard about her journey in life which could have cost her her life. It’s the middle of the day and I am at work when my cell phone rings. I do not recognize the number on [...]

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Fearless Self-Image, Fearless Identity

As a young girl I was sexually abused. You may not be able to relate to my exact circumstances, friend, but I know you can relate to what that damage did to my self- image, identity and sense of value. So, as I share some of my story and journey, please try to relate. The [...]

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An Environment Rooted in Selfishness

Ever since I was “knee-high to a grasshopper,” I felt the call and need to take care of the natural resources that surrounded me. A loving God has given us many natural things to take care of. I experienced God’'s work and care in the detailed and intricate wings or bodies of the tiniest insects [...]

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An Interview with a Sweet Potato

Funny, amusing and entertaining--you'll find this interview 'sweet' with Mr. Sweet Potato. JD - Hola SP… Let?s dig right in and peel back the layers of confusion and mystery surrounding your family by taking us to your roots. SP - Well JD…, taking a page from my favorite vegetable lover of all time, Popeye, “I [...]

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I Used to Run After the Ice Cream Man

Everyone has that one defining moment. You know, the one that makes you reevaluate everything that you have been doing, the one that takes all of your good intentions and lines them up in front of you to let you see how many you have pushed aside for a later time. When the reality hits [...]

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How’s Your Engine Running? Increasing Your Oxygen Capacity for Living a Fit Life

Look at the front of your car, or any car for that matter. You see that opening (the grill) in the front? The grill allows air from outside to come into the engine and combine with the car’s gasoline to produce energy. In the world of fitness, we like to use the analogy of your [...]

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