Sex: The Making of Oneness

///Sex: The Making of Oneness

INTERVIEW: Debunking 5 Sexual Myths for Christian Singles

Is everyone doing it? Do you have to test the water before you marry? Is sexual restraint practical for Christians in today's society? Since cybersex, phone sex or sexting is not real, does it mean it is okay? What about petting, oral sex, and masturbation? What instructions does God words give? Dr. Patricia Weerakoon answers [...]

INTERVIEW: Sex, Sexuality and Pornography

William Struthers earned his Ph.D. in Biopsychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago where he worked on the neuroanatomy of male rat sexual behavior and gene expression. His laboratory research is on the effects of enriched environmental rearing on animal learning and cognition, particularly responses to novelty exposure and gene expression in the cingulate [...]

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Eros and the Mind of God

Surely, no two topics could be farther apart? Sex is about desire, passion, and mind-blowing orgasms. Surely, all God has to say about sex is “Don’t do it.” This article explores sex from several perspectives: sexological research on sexual desire; romantic love or limerance; and, couple bonding. It takes a critical look at the role [...]

Sex and Sexuality: A Blessing or a Curse

Sex and Sexuality. Many believers treat this subject as taboo or forbidden.  This attitude can be very destructive in our lives and our children’'s. As with most things in this world, sex and sexuality can be either holy or an abomination. The difference is in how we treat it and how we practice it. Let’'s [...]

The Beauty of Committed Love in Solomon’s Song of Songs

Place me like a seal over your heart; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Song 8:6 NIV  The Song of Songs is an Old Testament book that is said to have been written by King Solomon. It is a beautiful [...]

Exposing 3 Sexual Myths

Many Christians never experience a wonderful sex life because they hold misguided beliefs about sex. Countless Christian couples live either in sexual frustration or in sexual guilt. Frustrated, they deny themselves certain desired sexual activities because they or their spouse deems them sinful. Others feel guilty because they participate in sexual activities that they or [...]

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How to Boost your Sex Hormones Naturally

Our sex drive is affected by our hormone production. The balancing of these hormones is key to having a healthy sex life.   NUTRITION Let food be your medicine when you are dealing with hormone imbalance, which is commonly manifested by decreased sex drive, hot flashes/night sweats, and menopause/andropause. The sex hormone production starts with cholesterol. The [...]

Transforming the Body: The Body, Priceless (Part II)

In our March/April 2014 issue, we published Part 1 The Body, God’s Masterpiece.  A college degree $60,000. A Michael Kors bag $400. Gel nails $50.  A Dolce & Gabbana suit $2,195. Your body?   My mother was a seamstress who made all of my and my sisters’ Sunday dresses growing up. I was always conscious [...]

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Aphrodisiacs: Real or Myth?

I believe that most of us over the age of thirty-five have heard of Spanish Fly, as it has been long promoted as an aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual desire.  As a young adult growing up in the 1990s, Spanish Fly was popular among my age group (25-30), while raw oyster was the aphrodisiac of choice [...]

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Pornography: The Ultimate Victim

In Genesis One, an incredible story begins to be told—the greatest love story of all time—of an all-powerful and utterly complete-in-Himself God choosing to reveal His heart of mercy and exercise His creative power. Day by day, with the entire heavenly host watching in awe, first light spun out of the mouth of God, then [...]