When I tuned in to 91.3 Hope FM last Saturday morning, the song “Jesus at the center of it all” by Hillsong Worship was playing. Isn’t that the truth?! Jesus is surely at the center of it all. As the lyrics say, “…Jesus is at the center of it all, from beginning to the end…” And, He, of course, was at the center of my new, exciting opportunity.

Toward the end of the work day last Thursday, the public relations director at my workplace (St. Johns River State College), asked me how I felt about doing a public service announcement on the radio about an upcoming College Goal Sunday event. “That would be fun,” I replied. Then, for a nanosecond I thought about other voices at the College that could be more fitting for on-air broadcasting. However, I quickly reminded myself that we should embrace new opportunities, especially if they are ones we have desired along our life’s journey. My husband also reminded me: “Penny, this is one of those things you’ve always wanted to do…Just trust God!” As Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” So, I was being given a desire of my heart but was considering passing the new opportunity on to someone else.

A little background…

I suppose it’s the communicator in me that has wondered what radio broadcasting would be like. After graduating from college in 1988 and returning home to Bermuda and seeking employment, I met a radio broadcaster and inquired about open positions at the radio station where he worked. I recall him saying that he might have something for me, but life took me in another direction; I accepted a position as a management trainee at the Bank of Bermuda. Over the years, however, I’ve often wondered what might have happened if I had made a special trip to that radio station to find out if, in fact, a position there was awaiting me.

Before coming upon the ad for my current position in public relations, I considered applying for a radio-announcer position I saw advertised. Again, I was led elsewhere and accepted the position of communications specialist at SJR State. Now, through this position and completely unexpectedly, I’ve received my first “taste” of radio by way of recording a public service announcement. And, I loved it. Absolutely loved it. What helped me enjoy the experience even more was that my first PSA was done at a Christian radio station. Who knew there was a plugged-in-to-Christ station just minutes from my job?! Isn’t there just something so spiritually delicious and invigorating about a business that puts the focus on Christ while giving the community hope in Him?

At 91.3 Hope FM–My New Opportunity

After receiving a warm greeting by Hope’s station manager and radio host, Robin Robinson, I was introduced to the station’s youngest host and production director, Shayna (whose show I was listening to when I began this blog post). With a sweet, hospitable spirit, Shayna got me all set up to record the PSA, which will air the week of Feb. 15. She then gave me a tour of the station and introduced me to the dynamic Ricky Bybee, whose life is devoted to ministry. As Ricky and I chatted about the surrounding areas where 91.3 Hope FM can be heard (offline), he mentioned a certain point during my travels where the radio signal begins to get choppy and hard to hear. “Isn’t that like our lives?” he suddenly exclaimed. “When we drift too far away from Jesus, the signal gets choppy and becomes hard to hear.” What a great analogy he pulled from our conversation, and I had the pleasure of being there in that moment to hear him share that on the air.

Tuning in to New Opportunities

Ricky gave me the solution for tuning in to Hope FM when out of its broadcasting range. (1) I can always listen online. (2) When in the car, I can pull it up via a phone app and listen through Bluetooth. To think that I had recently been searching for new ways to plug in to Christ during my 40-minute drive to work. Then, this morning, after about 15 minutes into my drive, I was able to clearly hear Hope FM, the way I want to hear Jesus’ hope song in my heart all the days of my life.

Hope FM is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary and inviting listeners to share testimonies about what Hope FM means to them. In turn, participants will earn a commemorative jersey with Romans 15:13 written on the back:

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Gratitude for New Opportunities

Thanks, Hope FM! Thanks, Susan, for the work assignment! Who knew that PSA opportunity was about to put me in touch with brothers and sisters wholeheartedly working for the glory of Christ, while giving me new ways to praise and worship our Savior as I drive to work and put my hope in Him?!


How do you tune in to Jesus during your drive to work?


Father, help us to recognize the new opportunities You bring to us each day. Open our eyes to see Your hand at work in all situations. And help us to wait and trust in You for those opportunities that are based on your divine timing. In Jesus’ name, I pray.