Breast cancer occurs mainly in women. About 1 out of 1000 men develops breast cancer. Why do women, in particular, get breast cancer? Is it because they have breasts? If a man or woman, gets breast cancer, the body says she has cancer for a reason. We need to take responsibility for our health. We have the Holy Spirit who knows all things. Therefore, we need to make informed decisions. Take our time. Listen to the Holy Spirit and take our peace, which the Holy Spirit has provided. We can prevent and beat breast cancer 100% naturally by taking our health and wellness into our hands.

What are some practical ways to prevent cancer?

According to the American Cancer Society, they do not “know exactly what causes breast cancer”; however, hormones do seem to play a part in this disease. “Just how this happen is not fully understood”, says the American Cancer Society website. However, hormones react with what we eat and do. They are also affected by our environment.

Certain products and systems of the body affect the body’s hormones.

  1. Antiperspirants are used in areas of the body near the lymphatic system. Lymphatic system contains blood vessels. This system picks up the debris from the circulatory system. What happens when we do not sweat, we do not release toxins. Aluminum dries out.
  1. Body has several elimination systems:

-Sweating is one of the major ways the body gets rid of toxins.

-Bowels are another way to get rid of toxins through excrement.

-Kidneys remove many toxins through the urine.

-Lungs exchange gases as we breathe.

-Skin is the largest organ for excreting waste.

  1. Underwire bras are not good. The wires in these bras act like an antenna to attract radiation.
  1. Breast Implant, such as silicone, can cause problems if they leak.
  1. Exposure to the accumulative effect of radiation from our cell phones, microwave, body scanners, mammogram tests.

 What can we do to ensure our physical, mental and spiritual health?

Light regulation. The regulation of our circadian light cycle is important to our health and wellness. Hormones shift according to seasons. Also artificial lighting from the computer and blue light from our digital clocks and television can also affect our circadian rhythms. Melatonin regulates our clock genes that control the cell cycle ( life and death) of both normal and malignant breast tissue. Our melatonin production peaks between 10 P.M. -2 A.M.

Vitamin D. The best vitamin D source is the sun. Try to get a lot of light from the sun, which will also boost sleep at night. Vitamin D supplements are good too since many of us spend most of our time indoors.

Iodine. The thyroid, which impacts every cell, needs about 6 mg/day. The breast needs about 5 mg/day. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is 150 mcg/day and this to avoid goiter not to obtain optimum health.

Low iodine contributes to the following symptoms: 

A seaweed salad is an excellent form of iodine, which is good for your health and wellness.

Traditional Japanese Seaweed Salad
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-hair loss


-dry skin

Hypothyroidism results in poor immune function.

Iodine is a gatekeeper of breast integrity. Iodine initiates cancer cells apoptosis/death. Iodine is not toxic to normal cells. It also decreases DNA damage.

Benefits of Iodine

You can purchase seaweed powders which can make great additions to your health and wellness plan.

Examples of seaweed diet supplements
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-detox agent

Low iodine intake leads to an increase in estrogen.

Estrogen causes cancer cell proliferation. Hypothyroidism will elevate estrogen levels 80-90%.

Items in the Environment that Mimic Estrogen:

  1. Cleaning products
  2. plastics
  3. canned goods
  4. increased risk of type 2 diabetes
  5. lining in cans

Health screening is not the same as prevention. Cancer is the symptom NOT the cause. Let’s get to the root of the problem. Educate yourself concerning your health and wellness. Take responsibility for your physical, mental and spiritual health. There is no need to fear. Fear attracts what you do not want. Faith attracts what you do want.